Wringend verleden, hoopvolle toekomst

Dissonantie binnen erfgoed is een nog weinig onderzocht fenomeen. Desalniettemin is het belangrijk om de werking ervan goed te doorgronden, om er beter mee om te kunnen gaan.

Dissonant erfgoed raakt gevoelige snaren en brengt daarmee wringende, of dissonante, tonen voort. Het speelt op bij erfgoed dat herinnert aan een pijnlijk verleden. De herinneringen aan de Tweede Wereldoorlog in Nederland komen ons wellicht het meest bekend voor. Dit artikel is geschreven vanuit een fascinatie voor erfgoed dat niet alleen maar positieve associaties oproept en vanuit de overtuiging dat dit erfgoed een breed maatschappelijk doel kan dienen.

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Field trip to South Africa Part 4

Dear all,

I am writing my last blog from the house of Robert and Bouwina in Pretoria, this afternoon I will be on my way back to The Netherlands and Delft. The last week of my field trip was a bit more relaxed than the week before, although the last three days of my research (Wed, Thu & Fri) were full of new experiences and discoveries.

On Wednesday I was allowed to enter the rooms of the Castle that are used by Iziko, the national museum organization of this country. I promised to keep the photos only for personal use, so I can’t show you them, but I can assure you, these were the most beautiful rooms of the Castle. Cynthia, or Nolwandle, her real name showed me the rooms and couldn’t stop saying that the floors were still original, the plaster and paintings on the wall as well. I knew that they weren’t, but who cares? This was my last visit to the Castle. After this I went to Stellenbosch, to enjoy a nice braai at the student house of Eva, who studies there for half a year. I went there without GPS… But it turned out just fine. It was a nice night out in Stellenbosch, the crowd in the bar was, how can I put it, special. “Field trip to South Africa Part 4” verder lezen

Field trip to South Africa Part 3

Dear all,

I have now entered the last week of my field trip to South Africa. Wednesday and Thursday I’m visiting the Castle for the last times. Friday is my last appointment with the ‘Chief Director of Cultural Affairs’ of the City of Cape Town. Then it is time for me to take two days off and explore the surroundings of this city with my new rental car. My wishlist: Hermanus, Genadendal, Franschhoek, Tulbagh, Darling, Paternoster and back to Cape Town.

Last week went really fast and was quite weird,  because I had the feeling that I had seen enough of the City. My focus was mainly to get into the rooms of the Castle, which was sometimes quite difficult (+/- 400 rooms). I am so glad that I walked through town a lot in the beginning of my trip, as I wouldn’t have the energy now to maintain that pace. The lecture I gave at the Huis der Nederlanden last Saturday went really well. It was for me a summary of what I had discovered in the last weeks. I got some very positive reactions on my speech and I’m very glad I did it. “Field trip to South Africa Part 3” verder lezen